The Drug Enforcement Agency in the United States (DEA) considers Marijuana a Schedule 1 drug.  A schedule 1 drug means that there is no medicinal benefit to the drug.  For those of you scoring at home, Cocaine and Heroin are schedule 2 drugs.  So the United States Government has declared that there is no medicinal benefit to cannabis or marijuana.

Pssst – that isn’t what the actual medical profession says, but….moving on.

But there IS a patent for elements of the cannabis plant.  Here is an exerpt
“In 1999, Hampson, Axelrod, and Grimaldi filed patent no. 6,630,507. The HHS awarded it in 2003. These three scientists are from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), which is part of NIDA. NIDA is perpetually against marijuana. Nonetheless, it had no problem granting a patent for non-psychoactive cannabinoids for the treatment of neurological conditions and illnesses caused by oxidative stress.


According to the patent, the scientists discovered that cannabinoids possessed antioxidant properties – a finding that was ‘unanticipated.’”

The United States Government has steadfastly refused to revisit marijuana’s Schedule 1 standing, citing “lack of evidence”, despite over 20,000 studies having been performed.

So the Government awarded a patent about a plant with medicinal properties (marijuana), while stating that the plant can’t have medicinal qualities because it’s on Schedule 1.  They also said there wasn’t enough information (because it’s on Schedule 1 the government won’t fund research on it) to change their stance, despite over 20,000 studies worldwide declaring the contrary.

And that, folks, is your tax dollars at work.