Part of experiencing life is that we learn to enjoy things little by little to avoid an overwhelming first impression. For some, that means easing their way into a sport by practicing daily, constantly, and in small increments in difficulty and time.  A similar principle can be applied to microdosing, because it allows your body to absorb the effects of it and see how it could react without exposing yourself to an intense experience on the first try.  There are many reasons and ways to microdose substances, so let us break it down for you to make it easier to see whether this is the way to go.

How To Microdose CBD

The first thing is the calculations, which sounds a bit boring, but we promise it is probably the most important step to take before consuming.  You have to divide the total milligrams of CBD in a bottle by the total number of serving, and thankfully many already have that separated for you.  Think of it like a pie: if there is one gram of CBD in each slice, and you have a total of 8 slices, then you microdose by taking a slice every hour to see how your body reacts.  If you take only one slice and you don’t feel great, then you can give the rest of your pie to someone else; if you respond adequately to the effects, then the next time you take a pie home, you know you can have two slices instead of one.

How Does CBD Microdosing Work

The use for microdosing is getting your body and mind accustomed to its effects, depending on your needs.  For a general calm and relaxation, allow your endocannabinoid receptors to slowly feel how CBD works. Try not to exceed the recommended amount and truly find what works for you as an individual.

It’s not about a higher dosage, but rather the same one taken at different times, allowing it to settle in your system and maximizing its efficiency. Sometimes cannabinoids aren’t a one size fits all situation, and it’s okay for users to explore the alternatives for each version of these products until they hit the jackpot.  Remember, it’s meant to help, not interfere, with your mental and physical health.

Benefits Of Microdosing CBD

  • Mood boosting
  • Augments focus
  • Bodily relaxation
  • Anxiety relief
  • Possible increase in serotonin (might vary depending on each person’s chemistry and medications they might take)

What’s The Best Way To Microdose CBD

CBD Edibles & Microdosing

Edibles are also a pretty easy way to see how CBD will impact your physical and mental health, with the added bonus that they come in great presentations and flavors.

If keeping track of tinctures and concentrates, things like mints or gummies are an easy way to keep track of how much and how often you take each portion.

CBD Tinctures & Microdosing

Tinctures are the most common way to microdose since it is easier to divide the number of drops within each bottle that you need to take to feel the full effects of CBD.

They can also have cleaner concentrates of CBD oil that are an excellent alternative to reap CBD benefits in small amounts until you find the right one for you.

CBD Flower & Microdosing

Hemp flowers are more difficult to exactly calculate the amount of CBD per smoke, but it is also a pretty straightforward way to experience the effects of this cannabinoid, since it’s straight from the source.

Microdosing CBD For Anxiety

Microdosing CBD for people with anxiety problems is a great way to maintain a levelheaded peace throughout each dose.  We recommend that you check with your health provider before mixing it with medication such as antidepressants because we want to enhance the experience, not interfere with it.It helps to keep track of how your mental health evolves throughout the process, so try to keep a journal where you record the dosage and times you ingest it to analyze the best amount and times to take it.

Microdosing CBD For Pain

Pain relief is a very obvious way to see the actual labor of CBD as a physical relaxation agent.  This can be a great aid for those with chronic pain issues, since microdosing is meant to make the anti-inflammatory effects of this extract last longer than single doses.  This is particularly important to consider as an alternative to stronger pain relief medication since they can cause addiction and dependency. In contrast, an non-addictive substance like CBD won’t hurt your health more than it should if appropriately used.

Microdosing CBD For Depression

CBD can be a fantastic tool to complement depression treatments, but this also should come with the advice of a medical expert.  CBD is meant to help serotonin be produced inside our brains, so once you find your ideal dosage and times to take it, then there’s the possibility of it being a great mood enhancer that will brighten your day.  Even in the most basic points of view, CBD can be a more economical and natural way to help depression and its symptoms, which can be more accessible to those who cannot have a professional psychiatric treatment that requires a prescription.  It’s not one or the other, but rather which one works better for you.