My name is Mark Goodwin and I’ll be posting up the first installation of the “Where Do I Find My Zen?” post.  The idea behind this is to detail how I achieve my “Zen”; how do I achieve my personal balance?  By sharing these ideas, perhaps we inspire others to achieve greater balance in their lives and leading to greater happiness.

I achieve my Zen in a couple of different places.  One is when I’m spending one-on-one time with my grand daughter.  We’ll go hiking or swimming or taking a tour of a museum.  Another area that I feel my “Zen” in is when I’m riding my motorcycle.  Feeling the sun beating down on me as I’m carving through a lonesome country road with the tunes blaring really tends to ground me – it’s like I’m hitting a reset button.  The third place that I feel my “Zen” is when I’m alone on my paddleboard in a nice sunset on one of our local lakes here in southern Maine.

Where do you feel your most “Zen”?