Medicinal Marijuana Cultivation

The curators of Inhale Zen also cultivate Medicinal Marijuana and believe that cannabis may play a larger role in overall health and well-being.

Well Being

Whole body well-being, to include spiritual, physical, mental and emotional facets.


Sharing with each other the experiences where we feel the most balanced to strive for inner peace


Through the sharing of knowledge and methods we can improve our lives.  While we do not believe that cannabis will be a solution for everyone, we do believe that it can be of assistance to a great number of people.

Our Story

Some of our goals here at Inhale Zen are to promote personal well being, peace of mind; and a tranquil balance between mind, body and soul. We strive to find what it is that makes YOU happy and the most at ease. We wish to explore what it is that drives people to better themselves and how they feel the most at peace in their life. We want to know what puts a wistful smile on people’s faces, and the story behind that smile.

We aim to share stories, advice, quotes and ideas in hope that by gathering and sharing this information others will find ways of integrating different methods towards their own inner peace and happiness in life. We advocate personal placidity and enjoy distributing that easy going feeling with as many folks as we can.

Here at Inhale Zen we strongly believe that for many people, marijuana can be an avenue towards that balance between mind, body and spirit. We are strong advocates for the cannabis industry and look forward to sharing information and experiences around that also.

Mark Goodwin

Mark Goodwin


Mark is the founder and owner of Inhale Zen
Alexandria Goodwin

Alexandria Goodwin


Alex is a founder and owner of Inhale Zen